Thursday, March 5, 2009


Hi Everyone!

The reason behind this blog is to give me a place to gather my thoughts about the representation of reproductive rights in the media. I am writing an extensive thesis on the representation of reproductive rights in the media, and I thought that this blog would give me a forum to explore my ideas. I plan to continue writing as I view films and television shows, or read articles that I feel are relevant to my topic. I believe that today's film and television shows highlight young mothers who carry their children to term and either choose to raise the baby or give it up for adoption. From what I have viewed so far, media points out that abortion is never an option for young women with an unwanted pregnancy. I have generally noticed this trend in shows that are geared towards young girls or adolescents. These young viewers have malleable minds and are very likely to be influenced by what they see on TV and in the movies. I have already, and plan to continue viewing television shows and films after the year 2004, , drawing conclusions based on what I see. I will post my thoughts, ideas, and conclusions here, and would appreciate any thoughts and ideas that you can all throw my way.

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  1. You should really watch the second to last episode and the season finale of Secret Life of the American Teenager when Amy is getting ready to have a baby. She questions her ability to give birth and wonders if she even has a birth canal! She also thinks that her mother and father will be the ones naming her child because she is a minor. Very disturbing! How can people let teenagers be so naive about facts of life?