Wednesday, April 8, 2009


On Weds, April 1, I put on a presentation of the representation of reproductive rights in the media. I created a power point with poignant clips from television shows and movies, and then created discussion questions to follow the clips. The presentation was attended by about 20 people, and I really enjoyed hearing everyone's opinions. I led the discussion by showing a sort clip, and then asking questions about how pregnancy and abortion were presented in the clip, and how the audience feels pregnancy and abortion are addressed and presented at large in the media. I was really happy that a few men were able to make it to the presentation as well because that added a new perspective, and they often brought up points that had never crossed my mind before. Some of the people who came to the presentation told me of other films and television shows that tackle the abortion issue, and I'm looking forward to viewing those- and who knows, they may even become the sources for new blog posts!!!

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